Digital Punk - Adapt Or Die

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le : 11 Octobre 2016
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le : 11 Octobre 2016
Date de sortie : 11 Octobre 2016
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01. Intro
02. Adapt Or Die (Ft. MC Nolz)
03. Protest Of Indignation (with Radical Redemption)
04. Hit Me With The Hard (with ANDY SVGE)
05. Stand Up & Fight (with Endymion)
06. The Last Remaining Light (Clockartz Remix) (with The R3belz)
07. You’re All Going To Die (as Public Enemies)
08. Raw To The Core
09. Take It All (with B-Front & MC Alee)
10. Loud As F#ck (with Alpha²)
11. Demon By Night
12. Bring It To ‘Em Raw (with Sub Sonik)
13. How We Roll (with Mean Machine)
14. Hate On Me
15. Break Your Face (with Outbreak & Sabacca)
16. Bring You The Pain (with Adaro)
17. R.F.L. (with DV8)
18. Bottoms Up (Digital Punk Remix) (original by Masters Of Ceremony)
19. Open The Gates (Publich Enemies Remix) (original by Adaro & E-Force & MC Nolz)
20. Invasion (Sub Zero Project Remix)
21. Rest In Hell (Radical Redemption Remix)
22. Crank Up The Fuckin’ Volume (as Public Enemies)
23. Jealousy (with Evil Activities)
24. Adapt Or Die (Furyan Remix) (Ft. MC Nolz)
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